The malleability of steel when incandescent presents no limits on thecombination of forms. Rootfire offers an expanding array of stock items, I also offer custom design and fabrication of furniture, candle holders, gates, railings and fireplace grilles. I have designed many unique pieces for clients based on their needs and aesthetic preferences.

Mitered Tenons.JPG


The evocative nature of wood lends itself to many interpretations. I prefer to allow the material to show off what no human can hope to mimic. Rootfire has a growing menu of smaller products like cutting boards and knife blocks. I offer custom design in furniture such as beds, tables, dressers and millwork. We can collaborate in the design process to make the perfect piece to suit you.

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Repair / Remake

I truly love the challenge and problem solving of repair. Be it a broken chair rail, and tabletop with no base, or the cracked foot of a cast iron clawfoot tub, Rootfire would be happy to approach repairs on furniture, metal objects and tools. Let's honor our objects with the respect of repair rather than replacement, and add to their patina and history.